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Preserve Your Newborn's Stem Cells with Stembanc

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"The doctors at Vanderbilt said the stem cells played a major part in saving my daughter’s life and her remarkable recovery."

Larry J.

"Hopefully we won’t ever have to use the stem cells and cord tissue we have in storage, but the process to collect and store them was seamless. We made a last minute decision to bank, and thanks to Stembanc we were able to. Can’t beat their prices & customer service. "

Cat H.

"We saw a major improvement in our son’s Cerebral Palsy condition when the Stembanc stem cells were used at the Duke Medical Center."

Karlene P.

"We love Stembanc! They made saving our child’s cord blood and cord tissue so easy. Their prices and financing made it affordable so we can keep our next baby’s with them too. Highly recommend."

Tracey G.

"Great Company! Made the process very easy! Definitely recommend."

Cassie K.

"Stembanc has done more than just meet my basic needs! They are so easy to communicate with, and so easy to talk to. They patiently answer all of your questions. Every person I have talked to seem to love their job and what they do. I am so thankful we chose to bank my sons stem cells here!"

Brooke P.

"We were very impressed with Stembanc. They made storing our baby’s cord blood hassle free. They were great to interact with, gave us a great price, and the storage and pickup process was so easy!"

Katrina S.

"We have used Stembanc for both of our daughters and couldn’t be more pleased. I honestly can’t imagine trusting any other company to care for something so valuable! They are always very courteous, prompt, and knowledgeable when you contact them. They are truly a pleasure to do business with! We love Stembanc!"


"Great company. Everything done in a personal and timely manner."

DeLynn F.

"Everyone was so friendly and helpful."


"Highly recommend Stembanc. I was very satisfied with the quick service and great price."

Irini V.

"Stembanc is very efficient and organized. Customer service is fantastic. We used the company to store the stem cells after the births of our daughters. I highly recommend the company."

Alexandra T.

"We had and are having a great experience with Stembanc! They were very responsive to our needs and we love knowing we have our stem cells preserved for our children. The value is fantastic!"

Kacie W.

"Professional, informative, and personal. Affordable stem cell storage. I highly recommend Stembanc to anyone considering collecting cord blood."

Jennifer P.

"Great services provided by this company."


"We contacted Stembanc after discussing options with our OB/GYN. From the start we were very happy with the services and customer support Stembanc offered us. They were very easy to work with, offered payment plans, and made sending the kit very easy. We are very pleased that we chose Stembanc for storing our child’s cord blood and would highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking about the service. Great price, great service, highly recommend."


"We used Stembanc for both our children and it was easy. We got confirmation of our stem cell count and other specific details. They were professional, prompt, and made us feel at ease that our children were protected for the future."

Adam D.

"I really appreciate the economic value of Stembanc. Because they don’t widely advertise or hire reps, I was able to afford to bank both of my children’s stem cells there. They are extremely efficient and easy to deal with and I’ve never had a bad interaction. If we decide to have another baby, you can count on our storage. Thank you for making stem cell banking such a hassle-free and pleasant experience."

Amanda S.

Saving Your Family’s Newborn Stem Cells with Stembanc is not only affordable – It’s Priceless

Stembanc, Inc. is a world class, scientifically expert company you can trust. Stembanc’s own, dedicated, FDA registered, state of the art laboratory facility is near the heart of the medical research region that includes the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic and the National Center for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine. Stembanc, incorporated in 2002, specializes in the collection, processing, and cryopreservation of newborn umbilical cord blood and cord tissue stem cells exclusively for your family.


Stembanc’s fully comprehensive service includes everything related to saving your family’s irreplaceable stem cells. This includes expediting the stem cell collection kit to you, your doctor’s stem cell collection procedure, expediting the stem cells back to Stembanc’s state of the art, FDA registered laboratory facility, processing the cells using our advanced technologies, and cryopreserving and saving the cells in six separate vials. We also test them and send you a report regarding the number of stem cells in cryopreservation, as well as cryoprotected storage until you need them for a lifesaving use.

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We are experiencing...

Exciting times...

We now stand at the threshold of the exciting field of regenerative medicine where transplants of genetically unique newborn stem cells are restoring function to injured, diseased, and weakened tissues and organs for family members.

Exciting progress is even being made toward treating previously difficult conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, cerebral palsy, brain injury, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, hearing loss, and paralysis.

Remember, there is just one brief moment in time when you can collect and preserve your family’s newborn stem cells with Stembanc – that’s at the moment of birth. Call Stembanc today to receive the stem cell collection kit your doctor will need at your child’s birth.

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