Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: How much does it cost to save my family’s newborn stem cells with Stembanc?

A: Stembanc’s fully comprehensive cord blood stem cell service fee is $1395 and $95 per year in subsequent years to maintain your family’s precious newborn stem cells in cryopreservation.  Alternately, choose Stembanc’s popular twenty-year storage prepayment option for $950 and save $950, or choose Stembanc’s lifetime storage prepayment plan for $1900 and save even more.

Stembanc’s fully comprehensive cord tissue stem cell service is $490 and $150 per year to maintain your family’s cord tissue stem cells in cryopreservation. Alternatively, choose a cord tissue 20 year or lifetime storage plan which are both available for $505 when selected with a comparable cord blood stem cell storage plan.

Saving your family’s precious, genetically unique newborn stem cells with Stembanc is an important investment in your family’s life. Compared to other ways you protect your family, saving your newborn’s stem cells could prove to be the most valuable of all if they are needed to save a family member’s life.

Stembanc makes saving newborn stem cells affordable for the great majority of families with a variety of payment options and interest-free financing plans.

Stembanc also periodically offers unadvertised special promotions and discounts.  Call 1-877-836-2262 (1-87-STEMBANC) now for more information

Q: Why are Stembanc’s prices so much more affordable than Stembanc’s competitors’?

A: Stembanc’s competitors typically spend more than fifty cents of every sales revenue dollar on advertising, marketing, and associated administrative costs.  In contrast, Stembanc’s customers overwhelmingly find Stembanc either by being referred by friends or family who have used Stembanc’s service and  been very pleased with our service or, alternatively, through their doctors who’ve had patients who have used our service.  When the patients tell their doctor’s good things about their experience with Stembanc, the doctors then often refer Stembanc to their new patients as well.

Since 2003, nearly 3,000 obstetricians and countless thousands of happy customers have referred Stembanc to their patients, family, and friends.

The bottom line is – with Stembanc you are paying for technology – with others people are paying for a large amount of advertising.

Q: Do we own all of our newborn stem cells saved with Stembanc?

A:  Yes.  Unlike some others, every one of your newborn stem cells preserved with Stembanc is owned and controlled by you.  Stembanc simply provides the service of using its advanced technologies to put your family’s precious, genetically unique stem cells into a form where they are good for your family essentially forever.

Q: What diseases are treated using cord blood stem cells? 

A: Today, more than 70 different diseases and conditions are being treated with cord blood stem cells, including leukemia, blood and bone marrow disorders, cancer, and immune deficiencies. Current research in regenerative medicine has also shown exciting results toward the treatment of diabetes, cerebral palsy, brain aging, liver repair, spinal cord injuries and heart disease.
 Some of the most exciting research involves using the cells to ultimately produce, in ethically non-controversial ways, replacement organs that for your child will be a 100% perfect match, and potentially the very best match ever available for you, your spouse, or other close relatives.
 Imagine how long healthy life spans in your family could be extended if every time a major organ system failure threatened, a well-matched replacement organ were available.

Q: Should I save the birth stem cells for all of my children?

A: YES. It is important to save these precious, genetically unique cells for each of your children since they are the only cells with these particular characteristics that will ever be a 100% perfect genetic match for each of your individual children.  In addition, saving multiple children’s birth stem cells with Stembanc greatly increases the likelihood of an excellent match for you, your spouse, or other close relatives – when you or they ultimately have a life-saving need for the stem cells.

Q: What is the advantage of Stembanc’s use of Citrate Phosphate Dextrose (CPD) in its process versus heparin? 

A: Stembanc has always used Citrate Phosphate Dextrose (CPD) in its cord blood stem cell process instead of heparin (used by some others) since researchers have found that CPD has the lowest toxicity to hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells.  CPD acts as both a preservative and nutrient source prior to cryopreservation and consequently extends the vitality timeframe for the cells prior to cryopreservation.  Also, unlike heparin, CPD is free of potential animal cell contamination, and the US Department of Health and Human Services recommends using only citrate-based anticoagulants for cord blood stem cell preservation applications.

Q: How does the procedure work?

A: Collecting your child’s newborn stem cells with Stembanc is safe and painless and is only done after the umbilical cord is clamped and cut and your newborn child is being cared for.  We expedite a Stembanc collection kit to you that you need to take with you when your child is born.  Then, remind your doctor to collect the stem cells. 
Following your doctor’s stem cell collection procedure, you should keep the kit with you, near room temperature.  Then, any time of day or night or weekend, simply call 1-87-STEMBANC (1.877.836.2262) and select option #3 to arrange for expediting your family’s precious newborn stem cells to Stembanc’s state-of-the-art, FDA registered laboratory facility.

Q: Is there any risk to my child or myself?

A: Stembanc’s process is entirely safe for both you and your child. It is a simple procedure that only takes a few minutes to complete.