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Pricing – Simple – Flexible

Stembanc’s fully comprehensive service includes Stembanc’s validated cord blood stem cell collection kit, expediting the kit to you, your doctor’s stem cell collection service, expediting the stem cells back to Stembanc’s own state of the art, FDA registered laboratory facility, processing the cells using our patented technologies, and cryopreserving the cells by saving them in six separate vials (which with expansion technology brings your family the potential of up to six different future lifesaving uses using the cells). In addition, we test the cells, send you a report regarding the number of stem cells  in cryopreservation, and include the first year storage for $1395.00.


Stembanc also offers a 20 year storage prepayment option for $950.00 (a $950.00 savings for your family).


Stembanc’s payment options include interest free financing plans, as well as periodic unadvertised promotions.  Call 1-877-836-2262 (1-87-STEMBANC) now for more information.


Discounts are available for multiple birth families. Call 1-877-836-2262 (1-87-STEMBANC) now for more information.


Stembanc offers the best value in the industry:




Company Name One-Time FeeCost Per Storage YearFDA Registered/Regulated?Six Vial Storage?
(Alternately save $950.00 with our 20 year prepayment option)
Cord Blood Registry®$1650.00$150.00YesNo


Stembanc is “Dedicated to the Preservation of Life” and we make saving stem cells affordable for the great majority of families. Call 1.87.STEMBANC (1.877.836.2262) for more information.


Prices effective as of August 4, 2016.