Validated Collection Kit for Cord Blood Plus Cord Tissue Stem Cells including 21 Years of Storage. Complete total will be $3340


$195 today covers the validated Stembanc kit your doctor will need and expediting it to you.

Stembanc’s fully comprehensive service includes Stembanc’s validated Newborn Stem Cell collection kit, expediting the kit to you, your doctor’s stem cell collection service, expediting the collected stem cells to Stembanc’s own state of the art, FDA inspected laboratory facility, processing the cells using our advanced technologies, and cryopreserving the cells by saving them in six separate vials (which with expansion technology brings your family the potential of up to six different future lifesaving uses using the cells). In addition, we test the cells, send you a report regarding the number of stem cells in cryopreservation, and include 21 year storage of your family’s genetically unique Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Stem Cells.

$195 Enrollment covers the validated Stembanc Kit your doctor will need and expediting it to you.  You may then pay the $3145 remaining balance after the stem cells are safely stored, or we can automatically spread this balance into 20 equal, interest free payments of $157.25

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